Daniffs - 50% Grate Dane 50% English Mastiff

Daniff - Daniffs - Learn about the beneffits of this cross.

We have daniffs available, Neapolitan mastiff and Great Dane Cross, Born March 26 2014.... pictures on "neos 2014" folder

Daniff Information


Daniff also known as the Mastidane or the Great Daniff.

The Daniff is a hybrid dog which is a combination of two different purebreds.  It’s a cross between a Great Dane and a Mastiff.

The best way to understand what type of dog your Daniff will be is to read both of its ancestors decriptions and understand that any combination of characteristics could be present in your pet. Your Daniff could be different so please be sure to read the Greate Dane and Mastiff descriptions to get a more educated understanding of possible characteristics.

Not all of these designer hybrid dogs are being bred 100% to 100%  they can be breed second generation (both parents 50/50) or with one side having more of one line then the other.

Our puppies are 50% Great Dane and 50% English Mastiff, we DO NOT cross Daniff – Daniff, This make beautiful puppies.

Many Great Dane Breeders are now beginning to cross or have a cross with the Mastiff to Bring out some of the base genetics since the great dane is origanlly from the mastiff line,where todays Pure Bred Danes have been bred thin and have aquired many undesireable genetic disorders.


General Appearance

Usually closer in appearance to a Great Dane, but with a much thicker body, like a mastiff.

Daniffs are protective by nature. In most situations they will give warning and alert barks but will never attack. They use their large appearance to ward off intruders. They make excellent family dogs and are very loyal. Daniffs have an uncanny sense of perception and very willingly accept invited guests into the home, but will be alert with strangers. Their size and muscle structure make them very athletic and make an ideal addition for an active family. The mature size and strength of a Daniff can be quite imposing. Daniffs are large dogs that will weigh over 100 pounds when fully grown. Their Growth is very similar to that if the great dane. The line of mastiff can change factors of approx weight and height.  

As with all hybrids, the appearance and size of a Daniff is representative of the sire and dam and their ancestry. Daniffs, like most giant breeds, do not reach their full adult size until the end of their second year. At the point expect males to be  about 32-34 inches tall at the shoulder. Normal weight for a male should be between 115lbs and 130lbs and females will be proportionately smaller. Excess Weight could potentially cause health problems.

A large yard, or farm would be ideal. Daniffs can live in smaller homes/ apartments if given the right amount of exercise.

Daniffs have big floppy ears, are bigger in the chest than most Great Danes. Their forequarters are lanky with pronounced musculature.`

Daniffs have larger hindquarters than most Danes with great definition in the hips and legs. Giving them a sturdier bone structure Then Pure Danes

Daniffs have a wonderful loping gait., and very large feet.

Color: Daniffs can be any variety of colors that either side of the blood line can produce.

Coat: Daniffs have a soft and shiny coat.

Shedding: Daniff are not big shedders.

Grooming: Daniffs should be brushed every couple of days.

 Training: Daniffs are fast learners but can be stubborn at times.

 Barking: Daniffs do bark a little, but usually for a good reason.

Feeding: Daniffs are big dogs and require lots of food as does any Giant breed.

Exercise: Daniffs need daily walks or exercise.



Most people do not know the benefit of the Daniff cross.

They have a wonderful loving temperament  are highly intelligent  and the sweetest babies you could ask for. Please be aware that though the daniff has no known genetic disorders there is always the possibility of a throw back to problems from the Dane Genetics.

Daniffs have a longer life expectancy than Great Dane, 9-11 years. But can easily live into their teens.

Daniffs are smart, funny,  and very curious dogs. They have a laid back, easy-going personality.

Daniffs are sweet, loving but can be a better gaurd dog then a Pure Dane and more laid back then most of the Mastiff lines.

Daniff make good family dogs. They  love people and other animals.

Daniffs are great big lap dogs. They are very loyal and show unconditional love toward their owners.

Skin Health: The Daniff is an over all healthy breed. They have no known genetic conditions.

Eye Health: There are no known eye health issues associated with the Daniff.

Dental Health: Daniffs don't have any known dental health issues. Like with all dogs their teeeth should be brushed a couple times a week and given dental health treets.

Bone/Tissue Health: Daniffs have strong bones and know known issues thus far.


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